What we produce

Oro Verde welcomes you to its store and its company products


Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Veneto Valpolicella

In the hills of Valpantena Veronese, we grow our autochthonous olive trees, more or less centuries-old. The fruits are harvested between October and November, and the milling of the olives, to obtain our Green Gold, begins within 48 hours after the harvest itself. The extraction takes place with cold mechanical methods, to preserve all the original organoleptic characteristics.

We have a traditional Pieralisi oil mill, expertly restored and returned to splendour. Through its granite mills, the olives are crushed and through the hydraulic presses we extract the Green Gold, which we keep in steel tanks until the moment of bottling. A manual work, which fascinates us every time, and that we will be happy to share with you.


IGT Corvina Veronese, DOC Valpolicella Superiore and DOC Amarone

Our vineyard is located on the sunny hillside of Valpantena Veronese in the DOP Valpolicella area. We grow autochthonous grapes that are part of the Veronese tradition, whose historical origins date back to at least 1800.

The fruits are harvested by hand and placed in boxes for drying and all the processes are then carried out in our private cellar.


Bee breeding and organic honey production. Wildflower honey, acacia, linden, ivy, alicanthus, cherry, and many others.

We have designed an area of our company for bee breeding. We have positioned our hives in such a way that they are clearly visible, but in a safe place. Periodically, our beekeeper comes to the company to take the honeycombs and bring them to his laboratory for honey extraction. In this way we obtain a sublime natural and organic sweet food product.

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