About us


Oro Verde Agri & Camp

Oro Verde was born from our passion for nature.

Founded about 10 years ago by Emanuela and Luca, it has turned into a small Venetian reality that produces extra virgin olive oil and DOP and IGT wine of excellent quality and authenticity.

In the hilly land of Valpantena Veronese, it grows its hectares of olive grove and native vineyard, which areĀ  finally transformed into Green Gold (Oro Verde) and Black Gold in its Montorio headquarters in Verona.

Located 3.5 km from the historic walls of Verona, its new headquarters in Via San Michele n.3 houses the company oil mill and the wine cellar.

In the same rural context, in the park surrounding the company, it opens its doors to traveling tourism, through the inauguration of the new camping site.

Enjoy Relax and Tranquility

At our Company you can enjoy all the comforts for an unforgettable stay. In the tranquility of the place, a stone’s throw from the historic center of Verona, you can relax yourself and enjoy nature at 100%.

Emanuela and Luca organize excursions to the Company’s properties to let you savour the taste of nature and show you where their excellences are born, which they then transform into oil and wine.

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